Simone Meme

Simone Meme, BSc MSc

Senior Consultant

Simone Memè has a broad experience in Ocean Renewable Energy, with more than 10 years of international career, both in the private and public sector. 

He has a BSc (2004) and MSc (2007) in Civil-Environmental Engineering from the University of Rome La Sapienza, a postgraduate (2010) in Ocean Resources Engineering from the University of Hawaii and he is currently pursuing a PhD in Engineering from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. 

His multidisciplinary experience gives him a global perspective of MRE projects, built during his career as Business Developer and Project Manager of Marine technologies at the PLOCAN Open Ocean Test Site in the Canary Islands and for the Norwegian WEC developer Langlee Wave Power. Moreover, he has experience with Socio Economic assessment of RE projects, coastal processes and sustainable tourism. He has participated in a number of EU strategic projects with key stakeholder and leaded the initiative to promote MRE in islands regions and remote coastal locations in behalf of the IEA-OES.