Marianne Eleanor A Catanyag

Marianne Eleanor A Catanyag, MTM


Maan has extensive experience in planning and development of marine renewable energy in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines. She works closely with government agencies, local project developers, academic institutions, and other stakeholders in the region assisting them in unifying their efforts towards sustainable development. Her ability to recognise and unlock opportunities, formulate strategies, and craft proposals around these opportunities, such that the requirements of various key players from project proponents, to investors and funding agencies, to delivery partners are met, has helped set the groundwork for ocean renewable energy advancement in the Philippines.

Maan has managed various initiatives related to tidal stream energy development in SEA  that include site identification, site-device matching, technoeconomic analysis, market assessment, permitting and consenting, policy review, stakeholders engagement, and others.  Moreover, she has been involved as a program manager in research and capacity development, such as development of a webGIS-based tool for tidal in-stream energy site assessment, integrated resource assessment for tidal current energy and marine spatial planning, and automated system development for tidal energy technical and monitoring system.

Maan is part of the team who has been actively exploring opportunities for island microgrid and electrification using hybrid RE systems with marine energy component that aims to provide cleaner, more reliable and sustainable energy to coastal and island communities.  Majority of her work is geared  towards the realisation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 7 “Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all”.