Andrew Want

Andrew Want, PhD

Senior Consultant

Dr Andrew Want has over 20 years of experience in the biological sciences, with the past 12+ years focussed on the marine environment. As research associate with Heriot-Watt University in Orkney, he has: worked with local fisheries in improving ecological functioning of marine infrastructure; modelled community responses to long-term change in marine habitats; conducted decommissioning surveys of renewable energy device supporting structures; surveyed MPAs and priority marine features for SNH; and, led the international BioFREE biofouling project

Research interests include: the use of imagery and remote sensing technologies in characterising intertidal and subtidal habitats targeted by multiple stakeholders; responses of indicator species and biological assemblages to long-term environmental change; biofouling and the movement of non-native marine species; benthic ecology around subsea electrical cables; and, connectivity of geographically-isolated species. Working closely with industry, academia, and regulatory bodies, Andrew coordinated standardisation protocols with the European Marine Energy Centre used by the marine renewable energy sector and served as UK representative to the European Energy Research Alliance – subgroup on Ocean Energies.

In addition, he has many years of teaching experience at both university and college level, and has published numerous papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Andrew first worked as Associate with Aquatera in 2017 on interactions between aquaculture and wild fish, and continues as Senior Consultant on similar projects involving benthic communities and fish.