Wildlife, Habitat and Landscape Surveys

We can provide:

  • Geology and hydrology
  • Phase 1 and NVC habitats
  • Protected species
  • Breeding birds and flight-lines
  • Landscape, visibility and montages
  • Cultural heritage


  • BTAL Onshore (Hoy, Orkney) – Breeding birds, Phase 1 habitats,  National Vegetation Classification (NVC) habitats and Otter surveys in 2016 to inform the feasibility study and site selection for the onshore infrastructure, Brims Tidal Array Ltd
  • Hesta Head Wind Farm (Orkney) – Vantage Point surveys in 2015 - 2016  for a 20.4 MW development, Hoolan Energy
  • Tresdale Wind Farm (Caithness) – Vantage Point, breeding bird, and wintering geese and swans surveys for a three turbine 6.9 MW development
  • Burgar Hill (Orkney) - Landscape and Visibility Assessment for a proposed 2.3 MW turbine on Burgar Hill in Orkney.  Work involved creation of ZTVs, wireframes and photomontages, as well as intuitive new techniques for assessing landscape assessment.  Work involved a great deal of additional cumulative assessment as the turbine was proposed alongside five others, all of different dimensions and designs, Burger Hill Renewables Ltd
  • Visualisations for domestic scale turbine development – Orkney as a County has the largest proportion of micro wind turbines per person in Scotland, with around 600 in operation.  Over the years, Aquatera, in close consultation with Orkney and Island Council and Scottish Natural Heritage have carried out a large number of landscape and visual impact assessments for these developments, Orkney Renewables

Key Clients