Strategic Planning and Community Development

We can provide:

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Constraint and resource mapping
  • Site and route selection
  • Public awareness
  • Community planning


  • Highland Council RERA – This project provided a strategic planning assessment of the potential for all types of renewable energy developments across The Highland Region.  The work undertaken involved gathering technical feasibility, planning constraint, cost and infrastructure baseline information at 1 km resolution across the region and used Aquatera’s in-house RADMAPP tool to manage, interrogate and present the findings of the strategic option analysis.   The work also involved extensive interactions with Highland Council officials and councillors as well as full consultaion with the public and other stakeholders.  The study made an important contribution to developing a regional strategy for meeting 40% renewables targets by 2020.  The work and approach was commended in the 2007 Scottish Planning Awards
  • SSE/SHE-T grid planning – Transmission grid planning support for connections around Orkney, Caithness and Sutherland, Scotland.  This work involved the surveying and mapping of technical feasibility and planning constaints to allow route options to be established.  This was followed by more detailed desk and site-based work to assess the relative  merits of these options and the selection of the preferred route for consultation
  • Orkney Islands Council Sustainable Energy Strategy – This project developed the basis for the 2005 Orkney Sustainable Energy Strategy, in Scotland.  The work involved consideration of strategic energy options, establishing an evidence base about the associated issues, consultation workshops and sessions with key stakeholders and the collation of a comprehensive strategic plan based upon the outcomes of that process
  • Island Grid Mapping – This study mapped out existing sources of energy generation and consumption by type and the opportunities for replacing none renewable energy with currently curtailed renewable electricity from community wind developments
  • Orkney Energy Audit – The study provided a strategic reference regards energy generation and enegy demand acoss all forms of energy in the islands of Orkney, Scotland.  The work involved quantifying existing energy sources and energy uses, indicating potential suitability and value of mechanisms for energy conversion and new energy uses which could an increase in local electrical energy demand, and to seek energy adoption strategies with both short and medium term benefits, Orkney Renewable Energy Forum (OREF)
  • SSE/SHE-T – This project involved completion of the EIA and other planning support for the Spittal Converter Station (600 MW, AC/HVDC), Caithness, Scotland  The work included scoping, baseline surveying and survey management, route and site selection, project definition, impact assessment, mitigation planning, consultation and full reporting.  The project was approved with no objections being lodged
  • PMSS – This project involved completion of an EIA and associated wildlife, visual and technical studies for two 900 kW turbines on the island of Hoy, Orkney.  Work involved bird surveys (flight line and breeding bird), otter surveys, vegetation surveys, LVIA, and noise surveys. As well as site selection work leading to the submission of a successful planning application

Key Clients