Tourism and recreation

Tourism and recreation are increasingly important areas of economic activity, particularly in many of the remote and island communities where Aquatera works. These activities and their interactions with other commercial activity can have significant environmental impacts which need to be carefully planned for and managed.


Aquatera’s base in a major tourist destination, Orkney, Scotland, provides our team with daily first hand exposure to the pressures and opportunities associated with tourism and recreational/amenity activity, particularly in sensitive environments. 

Through both professional and personal activities, our team have experience of all sorts of outdoor activities (including climbing, hill walking, mountain biking, river and sea kayaking, fishing, sailing, wildlife watching, photography, painting, cycling, orienteering, triathlon, wildfowling) and worldwide travel, providing a very broad and well-rounded perspective on the opportunities and risks associated with this type of development.


Skills and support we can offer in relation to tourism and recreation include:

  • Mapping tourism and recreational activities
  • Establishing the level of “value” held by different areas of land for these activities
  • Analysis of impacts of industrial and commercial activities on the tourism and recreation and amenity activities
  • Analysis of the impacts of tourism and recreational activities on the environment and other land uses
  • Community and economic development opportunities associated with tourism and recreation
  • Impact assessment on tourism and recreation of a range of projects
  • Stakeholder engagement planning and management for projects


  • Study to feed into the Marine Spatial Plan on tourism and recreational uses of the marine environment, Marine Scotland
  • EIA to support planning application for Stromness harbour hotel ship, Orkney Tourism Group
  • Multimedia public and tourist information guide to Orkney walks, Orkney Islands Council (OIC)
  • Multimedia guide to the Heart of Orkney World Heritage Site including immersive 3D virtual environment for displaying public and tourist information, Historic Scotland
  • Project exploring how to make better use of fishing cultural heritage assets within Europe for EU FISHERNET project