Strategic Assessment and Planning

We can provide:

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
  • Cumulative Impact Assessments
  • Marine spatial planning
  • Strategic resource assessment
  • Site selection and route planning


  • Orkney and Shetland RERA – Evaluation of the renewable energy resources that could be available around the Northern Isles of Orkney and Shetland, Orkney Enterprise and Shetland Enterprise
  • Cumulative Effects Framework – Framework for managing data associated with the prediction and estimation of possible cumulative effects of wave energy development for the Oregon Wave Energy Trust.  Incorporates a site selection tool to show possible future development and relevant cumulative impact scenarios
  • Highland Council Strategy – Production of an integrated draft planning strategy and planning guidance documents for renewable energy development, The Highland Council
  • Isle of Man RERA – Assessment of the potential contribution of offshore wind, wave and tidal energy in Manx waters, considering planning and cost constraints and market trends of future energy demand, Isle of Man Government
  • Resource Assessment for Coastal Assets of the National Trust – High level screening process looking at potential for marine renewable energy development in waters adjacent to land and properties owned by the National Trust, National Trust

Key Clients