Offshore wind

Offshore wind in the UK and across the North Sea has been through a rapid period of planning, licensing and development over the last decade. Consequently much environmental work has been undertaken, much data gathered and many conclusions drawn. The next decade will still require a wide range of environmental related skills and services to support the build-out and operation of the consented wind farms. There is also likely to be a push into deep-water through the application of floating wind turbines. These are areas where Aquatera’s experience and services can be especially useful.


Aquatera has a wealth of offshore development experience that is ready to support offshore wind developments.  Much of this work has been undertaken in the offshore oil and gas sector, but we have expanded our team and expertise in relation to offshore wind. Our staff have been involved in developments all around the UK, dealing with a range of regulators and stakeholders.

Aquatera’s skills and knowledge in relation to wave and tidal energy are also transferable to this sector.


Aquatera has particular expertise in investigating and resolving multi-sector issues and opportunities relating to offshore wind. In addition, we can support monitoring and management activities required during construction and operation of large offshore wind farms.  

Aquatera is especially well placed to support the emerging floating wind opportunities, and in this context we bring knowledge and experience working in deeper waters, harsher sea conditions, with different sensitivities and in varied geographic locations to the logistical support we offer. 

In addition to our usual portfolio of Offshore Services, we can provide:

  • vessel audits
  • operational & maintenance advice
  • assessments of port and support base options
  • consent discharge procedures, plans and advice


Aquatera is currently involved in a number of consent applications and EIAs in the Pentland Firth and Orkney Strategic Area:

  • Screening for Floating Power Plant’s Katanes wave/wind device demonstration project
  • Site selection for various floating wind companies
  • Management and content delivery of the Environmental Impact Assessment for Hexicon’s 10 MW Dounreay Tri demonstration floating wind development, Hexicon Ltd

Our team has Environmental Impact Assessment experience working on Strategic development plans for Orkney, Shetland, Highland and Isle of Man which considered offshore wind potential.