Marine heritage management

There is growing recognition of the cultural and historical heritage importance of the coasts, seas and oceans, in addition to their environmental value. This has led to greater protection for physical artefacts, submerged sites, and sunken structures such as wrecks which need to be taken into account when considering new development. Less tangible cultural assets, such as cultural practises and traditions associated with the marine realm, are less well protected, but their value is increasingly recognised. Often this maritime heritage is associated with economic activity like fishing and tourism, but assessing its value calls for more than a simple economic analysis, in view of its wider cultural and social significance.


Aquatera’s base in Orkney and our links with maritime communities around the world have helped us to appreciate and understand the roles maritime heritage can play in different places, and how any proposed development activity may best interact with or indeed avoid disturbing the heritage. 

Cultural heritage is by definition a shared asset, and Aquatera’s staff and associates are part of the tapestry of heritage that is evolving every day and every week around the world. We help create and develop the heritage as well as studying and conserving it, including music, song, illustration, sculpture, drama performance, book publishing, guided walks, and exhibitions.

In addition to our portfolio of Marine Services, Aquatera can offer the following specialist services:

  • Mapping the spatial distribution of marine heritage assets
  • Surveying to establish the location and status of specific structures and sites
  • Developing strategies for capturing, cataloguing and valorising marine heritage assets
  • Organising events to celebrate marine heritage assets
  • Development of marine heritage management plans
  • Establishing development plans for projects and activities that take suitable account of marine heritage issues


  • Study and collection of fishing heritage around Europe for the Pan-European Fishing Heritage Project (
  • Study of heritage interests and reporting of impact of cable routing, SSE   
  • Heritage assessment and reporting of impacts of proposed Farr Point wave farm, Pelamis Wave Power