Cables and pipelines

Successful cable and pipeline developments require a thorough understanding of options and flexibility around routing, as well as sensitivity to conditions and activities along the route. Developments in offshore wind, wave and tidal energy over the last decade have highlighted a new set of challenges, in particular related to the need for new transmission infrastructure, including interconnectors and cables to offshore wind farms, wave and tidal devices. This area of work requires innovative solutions and Aquatera has been at the cutting edge, helping clients to develop novel approaches.


The Aquatera team have been involved in studies of thousands of km of offshore pipelines and hundreds of km of subsea cables.  We have undertaken both strategic and site specific work, involving a number of related disciplines in operating environments from the deep sea (1000m to 3000m) to shallow coastal areas, from tide-swept bedrock to tranquil muddy areas and from exposed oceanic areas to enclosed bays and estuaries.  

We have experience of working in many different types of coastal conditions including saltmarsh, sandy bays, shingle and cobble beaches, sand dunes, rocky shores and cliffs, and finding suitable locations and methods for landfalls in each of these situations.  

Through this work we have been involved in a number of technically ground breaking projects and have developed new and pioneering approaches which have served these projects well and provide the basis for a world class support service for cable and pipeline developments. 

Our cabling expertise is also widely used within more complex renewable technology deployment projects, where the factors associated with seabed cabling works and landfalls may influence the overall structure of the project.


Our multi-disciplinary in-house team, with specialist support from long term delivery partners, provides a flexible capacity. We can provide a one-stop-shop turnkey service or provide individual specialists to work within larger project teams.  In addition to our usual portfolio of services, for this sector Aquatera offers:

  • Comprehensive, extensive and highly accurate pre-survey data sets enabling robust preliminary routing options to be identified
  • A proprietary high resolution route characterisation and selection tool
  • BPEO/optioneeringprocess which balances cost, technical, safety and consenting issues
  • Protection and stabilisation assessment package
  • Risk and opportunity identification and management framework
  • Detailed design support modules covering - impact loadings, snag loadings, free-span fatigue, vortex induced vibration, sediment dynamics, seabed abrasion
  • Planning, procurement and management of installation, maintenance, repair and decommissioning operations through sister company Orcades Marine 
  • Development and delivery of new operations support platforms, including catamaran barges and seabed ROV technologies