"The expertise provided by the team was key to the successful delivery of the project."

Andy Golightly
Project Officer

"Aquatera were easy to work with and were able to apply their considerable experience in marine renewables to the project"

Max Carcas
Managing Director, Caelulum

"Informed, innovative, insightful partners interested in building rewarding collaborative working relationship"

Chris Pearson
Solution Centre Manager, OGTC

"Aquatera provided us with a tailored and speedy service which met our needs"

Grant Cumming
Managing Director, Grieg Seafood Shetland Ltd

"We chose to use Aquatera as consultancy support for our MRE supply chain assessment work due to their expertise in this area….The final report was of a very high standard, and we look forward to working with Aquatera again as we work towards the recommendations laid out in this report."

Marine Energy Wales

"Aquatera has been at the heart of much of our work to lead and support the development of our world-leading wave and tidal industry, as well as our wider programme of activity to create the optimal environment for the growth of Scotland’s renewable energy sector."

Niall Stuart
Chief Executive, Scottish Renewables

"Orkney Islands Council has worked with Aquatera and others for the last 14 years in establishing Orkney’s position as the world leading location for Marine Energy research and development. It is a dynamic company that delivers results in the marine renewable energy sector and is a real ambassador for Orkney on the world stage."

Gavin Barr
Executive Director Development and Infrastructure, Orkney Islands Council

"Aquatera has been instrumental in helping Scotland to become a leader in the field."

Stefan Reich
Head of Project Development, Voith Hydro

"Aquatera as an organisation has specific experience and that is pretty much unique in the marine energy world. It has materially helped support the sector, find solutions to its challenges and better exploit the opportunities that lie before it."

Andrew Scott
Project & Business Development Manager, Pelamis Wave Power Ltd

"We highly commend the experience and expertise of Aquatera, and fully believe they have the capability."

James Murray
Business and Development Manager, Scotrenewables Tidal Power

"Aquatera's research contribution to the sector has shaped and influenced strategic direction in Scotland and internationally."

Dr Alan Owen Ceng
Director, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen

"Aquatera has a proven track record of delivering solutions to the challenges that face the marine renewables industry."

Fergus Ewing
MSP Former Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Tourism, Scottish Government

"Aquatera has, and continues to be, one of EMEC' s longest standing collaborators. The symbiotic relationship where each of us acts as client and supplier on different occasions and in different situations is a model of cooperation that EMEC values and is keen to expand."

Neil Kermode
Managing Director, The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) Limited

"Aquatera's wide contact network, their enthusiasm and engagement, their deep understanding and willingness to learn more were all of great help for us."

Heikki Paakkinen
Chief Innovations Office, Founder, Wello

"Aquatera is one of the most experienced and innovative companies within the marine energy industry globally."

Deputy Director, Tainan Hydraulics Laboratory (THL), National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

"Aquatera has shown long term, sustained commitment to advancing the cause of marine energy over many years."

Belinda A. Batten, PhD
Director and Professor of Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering, Northwest National Marine Renewable Energy Center (NNMREC) at Oregon State University, USA

"Aquatera is supporting our students who are interested in marine energy from the global point of view."

Saki Fujishima
Lecturer, Kamaishi Super Science High school, Japan

"Aquatera is a high growth potential company, which has the ambition and ability to become a major global consultant in this sector."

Sharon Hamilton
International Sector Head for Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Technologies, Scottish Development International

"Over all Aquatera has made a positive contribution to the advancement of the sector in Scotland and elsewhere around the world."

P.H.J. Ackermans
Director Infrastructure, Antea Group

"Aquatera shows a consistent ability and commitment to innovate, take on challenges and see all their great ideas through from start to finish."

Judith Patten
Project Director, All Energy

"A dynamic, industrially relevant experienced and easily approachable team."

Sam Etherington
Founder, Aqua Power

"A report has been provided, in such detail which allows us to select low carbon power options which we could not have envisaged at the outset."

David Hibbert
Technical Superintendent, OIC Marine Services

"Working with Aquatera and Xodus on pulling the lessons learnt over the past 12 years of marine operations and technology delivery has been inspiring; demonstrating the experience that is evident in the whole of the Orkney supply chain."

Elaine Buck
Technical Manager, EMEC

"It's been great working with Aquatera, the team was very professional. They were very helpful, communicative, agile, but also discipline. We had awesome and fabulous experiences during the training."

Dr Siti Roosita Ariati
Researcher, LIPI, Indonesia

"Aquatera's integrity and commitment for the ocean energy sector has been very valuable."

Nicolas Wallet
Programme Manager, EMEC

"Aquatera worked within the tight deadlines we required, provided quick response to our queries and demonstrated a wide range of expertise and skills which provided us with a comprehensive report."

Rona MacKay
Operations Manager, Community Energy Scotland

"Staff at Aquatera are exceptionally knowledgeable and well connected to all parts of the marine renewable industry. They come through with solutions and quality products that support the Annex IV collaboration and make my work much easier."

Andrea Copping
Senior Program Manager, PNNL

"It was an exciting experience to work with the most advanced environmental company."

Hiroshi Matsuo
Business Coordinator

"The value that Aquatera provided was very good. I would like to continue long-term relationship in the field of ocean renewable industry."

Hiroshi Matsuo
Business Coordinator

"Aquatera organised our visit perfectly and showed the depth of competence and network in the low carbon area which was helpful in our climate and energy transition diplomacy."

Yonathan Wijaya
Head of Private Sector Engagement (Aid), FCO DIT UK Inwards Mission

"Unparalleled Know-How and Competence"

Karl Tore Pedersen
Chairman, Flumill

"We appreciated Aquatera’s straightforward approach, flexibility in tight time constraints, and excellent communication. The reports, workshop and survey that Aquatera delivered for us were of high quality and we’d be pleased to work with them again."

Connie Dawson, NatureScot
Marine Protected Areas Engagement and Communities