Sustainable Business & Supply Chain Development

In keeping with our full participation in the sustainability agenda Aquatera has always taken an interest in how local supply chains can contribute to development and how businesses may need to behave to become more sustainable.

Indeed, we have needed to reflect on these issues for Aquatera itself and have always engaged on such issues with our broad team of delivery partners. 

We are now increasingly asked to help analyse industrial and economic development opportunities, and to provide advice and guidance as to how individual businesses and business clusters might best adapt to and exploit the changing business environment, especially where it relates to energy and island economy issues. 

Project examples:

  • Oregon supply chain analysis
  • Nagasaki supply chain analysis
  • Anglesey opportunities for the fishing industry from marine energy
  • Wave Energy Scotland knowledge capture process
  • Chile supply chain assessment within roadmap
  • Orkney Renewable Energy Forum board participation
  • Scottish Renewables board participation
  • Scottish Enterprise business mentoring scheme
  • Marine Energy Wales (MEW) supply chain study
  • Shetland energy supply chain study
  • Orkney Sustainability Partners initiatives