Survey & Data Management

Aquatera has planned, undertaken, reported on and reviewed many different types of surveys. These have included physical, chemical, ecological, social, economic, market, technology and infrastructure surveys. The methods employed have involved instrumented measurements, environmental sampling, wildlife observations, opinion surveys, questionnaires, remote sensing, digital video and photographic recording.

The environmental sampling has covered many different types of habitat from the deep-sea, through coastal waters to coastlines and a wider range of terrestrial biotope types. Our socio-economic surveys have included household, business, institutional and governmental level surveys.  There a number of other areas where similar survey techniques have been applied to gather the necessary data.

Given the large amounts of data that these surveys generate and the need to handle this data efficiently, securely and appropriately Aquatera has also established bespoke approaches to data management as well as maintaining a large data archive.

Our teams expertise and experience in surveying has been utilised to establish regional and sector wide standards for the oil and gas and renewable energy sectors as well as being used by clients to manage and peer review the surveying activity of others where that is deemed that it is the best strategic approach. 

Data management 

  • Scoping and defining data gathering specifications
  • Establishing data provision standards
  • Quality control of gathered data
  • Data storage and archiving
  • Managing GIS, developing GIS subroutines and producing GIS products
  • Analysis and interpretation of data
  • Establishing long term time series data sets
  • Developing and analysing stakeholder questionnaires
  • Consultation feedback analysis
  • Graphical presentation of data
  • Statistical analysis of data
  • Developing data interrogation routines to produce new derived data sets
  • Modelling on the basis of gathered data