Strategic Planning

The breadth of Aquatera’s social, environmental and industrial understanding allied to its innovative approaches and tools have provided an excellent foundation for the company's strategic planning activities.

These have included spatial plans, impact assessment plans, sector development plans, regional development plans, biodiversity plans and feasibility plans. 

Many of these strategic plans have become seminal to future developments and actions that have had profound benefits to communities, countries, sectors and the environment.

We can provide a wide variety of types of strategic planning support:

  • Global, national and regional spatial planning
  • Resources and asset mapping
  • Activity and constraint mapping
  • Opportunity mapping
  • Sectoral, supply chain and infrastructure planning
  • Sectoral structure and capacity
  • Sectoral growth
  • Sectoral spatial planning
  • Resource and asset mapping
  • Constraint mapping
  • Opportunity mapping
  • Community planning
  • Defining current status
  • Objective setting
  • Pathway options
  • Priority setting and action planning
  • Tracking progress
  • Habitat/ecosystem planning
  • Baseline assessment
  • Status and trends
  • Pathway options
  • Priority setting and action planning
  • Tracking progress
  • Management decisions
  • Lifecycle planning for projects, events and technologies
  • Lifecycle definition and mapping
  • Quantification

Image credit: Claudia Sans