Project Impact Assessment & Permitting

Team Aquatera have extensive experience of impact assessment and permitting work. We have experience of participating in over one hundred such studies and Aquatera has itself completed over 50 such studies.

Our Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) work has covered a wide range of onshore and especially offshore sectors. Many of these studies have been challenging to complete due to the novelty of the projects being proposed, the scale and timescales involved and the particular sensitivities or challenges of the project environment. 

Through this extensive work we have developed effective and proven templates for many aspects of the EIA process.

We can provide

  • Development planning and design
  • Regulator and stakeholder liaison
  • Option evaluation and scoping
  • Public and community engagement
  • Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Issue Identification (ENVID), Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA) and Habitats Regulations Appraisal (HRA), Socio Economic Impact Assessment, Cumulative Impact Assessment, Navigation Risk Assessment
  • Mitigation, management and monitoring plans
  • License and consents application, preparation and negotiation
  • Post consent compliance management and consent discharge
  • Monitoring and reporting