Education, Training and Public Awareness

Aquatera's expertise in Education, Training, and Public Awareness extends to Curriculum Development, ensuring the tailored creation of materials and courses. We excel in Training Needs Assessment, pinpointing specific learning requirements for organisations or individuals.

Aquatera conducts impactful Professional Development Workshops, fostering skill enhancement and knowledge transfer. Emphasising technology, our e-Learning Solutions empower organisations to deliver adaptable and accessible educational and training content. Our Stakeholder Engagement Programmes cultivate collaboration and understanding, whilst our Capacity Building Programmes strengthen skills and knowledge.

Through Community Outreach Programmes, we establish connections with local communities, addressing specific educational and training needs, and empowering individuals to influence and contribute within their social settings. Our Bidirectional Knowledge Exchange initiatives facilitate the dynamic flow of insights, and triggering actions to drive positive change.

Furthermore, Aquatera provides Customised Learning Solutions, incorporating industry-based experiential learning and we specialise in Cross-Cultural Training, promoting diversity and inclusivity in diverse settings for innovative and effective solutions in sustainable energy and environment.

We can provide:

  • Curriculum Development
  • Training Needs Assessment
  • Professional Development Workshops
  • E-Learning Solutions
  • Stakeholder Engagement Programmes
  • Capacity Building Programmes
  • Community Outreach Programmes
  • In-bound and outbound Bidirectional Knowledge Exchange
  • Customised Learning Solutions (e.g.¬†industry-based experiential learning)
  • Cross-Cultural Training