Deployment & Operations Support

Building on our strong understanding of operating environments Aquatera and our sister companies Orcades Marine Management Consultants (Orcades Marine) and Orcades Marine Asia, are increasingly working with technology and project developers to provide integrated deployment and operations support packages.

This service provides full assurance that the best marine and onshore resources (e.g. ships, engineers, logistics etc) packages are being used in an optimal manner to meet the overall objectives of the project or activity. Importantly since we are independent of any particular resources we can ensure that the best possible solutions are found and used. We do however have strong and established relations with key resource providers where they can provide unique and consistently best value options. This service can be applied from the earliest planning stages, through to the ultimate cessation and decommissioning of a project.

Aquatera and Orcades Marine have completed:

  • Over 35 technologies worked for & with
  • Work on 12 different array projects
  • Involved in 10 centres of excellence
  • Over 10 specific energy markets studied
  • Over 20 installation & recovery operations
  • Over 500 person-days of marine operations
  • Over 70 marine and onshore licenses
  • Over 150 ROV & ADCP deployments
  • Over 300 days of wildlife observations