Community & Societal Development, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion

As the human population grows and the issues of resource access and wealth distribution become more critical there is an ever-increasing need to better manage community and societal development.

Aquatera’s activities in this area are founded upon the company’s strong grounding within a rural island community, learning also from our team’s personal and collective experiences of growing up and working within various communities around the world, and working towards the universally adopted UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our approaches to this work feed off techniques developed to address parallel ecological issues as well as using specific socio-economic tools and techniques.

Alongside our professional activities in this area we also make a major contribution through voluntary efforts in our various home communities and wider communities that we have been fortunate to engage with. 

Project examples

  • Japan – Nagasaki & Goto islands – tidal test site
  • Philippines
    • Matnog – sustainable energy
    • Davao – sustainable energy
    • St Antonio – sustainable energy
  • Indonesia
    • Aceh – sustainable energy
    • Wakatobi – sustainable energy
    • Taka Bonerate – sustainable energy
    • Larantuka – sustainable energy
  • Zambia – Kabwe waste management and recycling
  • Orkney
    • Stromness community plan
    • Orkney sustainable energy plan 2009
    • Islands deal – sustainable energy
  • Shetland Tidal Bridge
  • Luing Tidal bridge
  • Western Isles Stornoway Wind Project