Orkney based Aquatera provide a comprehensive range of advice, services and products for onshore and offshore projects. Our team specialise in work in rural and remote areas, delivering support for a variety of projects on a local, national and international level.

We also work with a number of closely allied delivery partners to provide key expertise and added capacity. Our multi-disciplinary team can therefore provide expert input across a wide range of technical areas.

Aquatera has a unique perspective in finding development solutions and delivering to the highest standards. Aquatera has been involved in the planning process for many developments in Orkney that affect the environment where we live and work, including: an oil terminal, sand extraction sites, quarries, harbours, piers, wind and tidal turbines, hydrogen storage, peat digging, fuel delivery systems, conservation areas, business centres, grid lines and substations.

Aquatera’s wide range of services can extend from facilitating early stages of strategic and community planning right through to decommissioning and site restoration.



Sustainable Development