Offshore & Onshore Wind

The UK, and Scotland in particular, have some of the best wind resources in Europe, providing excellent opportunities for further expansion of this established industry. Offshore and onshore wind has been an integral part of the work undertaken by Aquatera for decades, with the Aquatera team providing a valued role to developers helping them to successfully navigate their projects through the planning system.

Within our team of staff and associates we have experienced specialists in site design, grid connections, GIS modelling, ReSoft Wind Farm software, land use and access, ornithology, ecology, and visibility modelling, as well as socio-economic impacts and community engagement. We also have strategic alliances with delivery partners for conducting archaeology and cultural heritage assessments, noise assessments and landscape and visual impact assessments.

Our team of consultants bring a range of perspectives which lends a depth and integrity to the EIA and strategic planning work we undertake. This includes engaging all stakeholders with the issues associated with a proposed development, in order to ensure that consultation feedback is incorporated and decision making is as well informed as possible.

Onshore Wind

Aquatera has undertaken strategic planning projects for onshore wind in Orkney, Shetland and across the Scottish Highlands Highland Region of Scotland.  These strategic studies identified over 4 GW of consentable wind energy across the 3 regions. We have also had leading professional roles in the Environmental Impact Assessment of onshore wind farms, including project management and technical roles. This includes current work on projects in the North Isles and on the Orkney Mainland.

Offshore Wind

Aquatera has a wealth of offshore development experience that supports offshore wind developments.  Much of this work has been undertaken in the offshore oil and gas sector, but we have expanded our team and expertise in relation to offshore wind. Our staff have been involved in developments all around the UK, dealing with a range of regulators and stakeholders. This includes current work as third-party verifiers for the Crown Estate in England and as part of a development consortia engaged in the Celtic Sea, Wales. Aquatera’s skills and knowledge in relation to wave and tidal energy are also transferable to this sector


We bring particular expertise to the offshore and onshore wind sector in:

  • Strategic planning for wind energy
  • Site finding and layout optimisation
  • Ornithological surveys
  • Ecological surveys (Phase 1 habitats, protected species (otters))
  • Analysis and optimisation of turbines for optimising yield and reducing visibility
  • Tools for establishing the levels of landscape impact
  • Community communications and engagement
  • Community ownership
  • Vessel audits
  • Operational & maintenance advice
  • Assessments of port and support base options
  • Consent discharge procedures, plans and advice