Wave and tidal energy

Aquatera’s Orkney base, next door to the European Marine Energy Centre, is at the cutting edge of wave and tidal generation. We have a global reputation as one of the most experienced wave and tidal energy contractors, having worked on over 350 marine energy studies and a number of strategic marine energy planning projects. Aquatera has been involved over the last decade in assessing the scale of the resource, and helping developers to exploit it by securing test facilities and obtaining generation licences. We are using this experience around the world, supporting the development of this nascent industry in the UK, France, Chile, Taiwan and the USA.

We work with leading marine technology and project developers, utilities, agencies and governments to ensure that the opportunities associated with wave and tidal energy development are fully exploited and that development maintains the highest standards of environmental stewardship.

Aquatera has fully engaged in regional, national and international collaboration in relation to the issues associated with marine energy development through the European Commission’s Ocean Energy Forum, Orkney Renewable Energy Forum, Scottish Renewables Forum, various EU initiatives, the US Department of Energy’s Annex IV working group (part of the IEA’s OES), Oregon Wave Energy Trust and various working groups in Chile.


With involvement in wave and tidal energy developments around the world, Aquatera is well placed to advise regulators, infrastructure providers and developers.

We offer the full range of professional support for marine and tidal energy projects. Our particular strength is the hands-on experience we have built up with developers testing machines at the European Marine Energy Centre, giving us a unique perspective on both regulatory and operational issues associated with these innovative developments.

Our international work has given us access to networks of experts around the globe, and experience of regulatory environments in different countries give us a broader perspective which we bring to bear wherever we work.