Community, Society and Public Sector

Aquatera is at the forefront of driving sustainable change within communities through a range of consultancy services. Our expertise in Community Energy Planning empowers communities to develop strategic initiatives for sustainable energy generation and consumption.

We specialise in engaging with stakeholders and facilitating Community Engagement and Consultation processes, ensuring the community's voice is integral to decision-making in sustainable initiatives. Aquatera takes a holistic approach to Community Development, focusing on creating resilient and vibrant communities that thrive economically, socially, and environmentally. Our Resilience Planning services enable communities to assess, prepare for, and adapt to various challenges, including from Climate Change, fostering long-term sustainability.

In addition, Aquatera contributes to Sustainable Livelihood by implementing initiatives that support local economies and enhance the well-being of community members. Our commitment extends to Policy Development and Advocacy, where we work closely with local governments to craft and implement policies that promote sustainability, just energy transition, and community resilience. We look forward to partner with other likeminded organisations to jointly harness a wealth of experience and innovative solutions, driving positive change and sustainable development within communities.


  • Community Energy Planning
  • Community Engagement and Consultation
  • Community Development
  • Resilience Planning
  • Sustainable Livelihood
  • Policy Development and Advocacy