Orkney Cloud Magazine Launched

December 13th 2018

Aquatera; in collaboration with IT University of Copenhagen, Laura Watts of Edinburgh University and Mozilla have just launched the Orkney Cloud magazine online.

The magazine is the initial answer to, what could an Orkney Cloud be?  It is an anthology of Orkney Cloud incubated projects and inspirations; a weaving together of people and possibilities that could become an Orkney Cloud.  And it is not comprehensive.  At present, there are thirteen separate projects being incubated in the Orkney Cloud, services ranging from tourism to transport, from archaeology to addressing fuel poverty.

Contributions were invited from those who are building the Orkney Cloud, islanders who are already weaving energy and data networks together, to explain their projects and share their futures.

Two of the articles were written by Aquatera’s Gareth Davies, and Duncan Clarke, exploring the roles of community in Gareth’s piece and how an Orkney Cloud could support marine surveying from Duncan’s perspective.

The entire magazine can be accessed for free here