Eco-cars now part of ReFLEX after buyout by Aquatera

June 7th 2021, the well-known Orkney based electric vehicle sales business run by Jonathan and Ursula Porterfield, is now part of the ReFLEX Orkney project after the Porterfields sold to Aquatera Ltd - a lead partner in the ReFLEX Orkney project.

Jonathan had already been working with ReFLEX Orkney to help set up and run its EV leasing service with DriveElectric, launched in December 2020. This sale means that people can now buy second hand EVs from ReFLEX Orkney too. ReFLEX Orkney is a project that aims to decarbonise electricity, heat and transport in Orkney. Adding the option of used electric vehicle sales as well as leasing gives people more options to drive an affordable electric vehicle.

Known to many as Mr EV, Jonathan, has been selling alternative fuel vehicles since 2004 and after moving to Orkney in 2013, he has helped hundreds of Orcadians to go electric. Over the years Jonathan and Ursula developed a bespoke business model of buying electric cars and vans to order from the used car auctions that car dealers buy from. Normally dealers buy cars at auction and then put a markup on them and sell them from a dealer forecourt.

But Jonathan spotted a gap in the market and developed a model of buying-to-order from the auctions, and delivering direct to the customer, for a fixed fee. By not having dealership overheads, he was able to offer a lower price and lots of advice helping people get into an EV for the first time. He has become well known and is a regular commentator in the media on the subject.

Jonathan explains why he and Ursula decided to sell, and what his role will be with ReFLEX Orkney going forward:

“We are really delighted to join with ReFLEX Orkney to help this innovative project achieve its aims. Ursula and I have built our business up over many years and by joining it with ReFLEX, we can use our established electric vehicle brand to help this new project succeed. We have the opportunity to train others to do what we do and expand and grow what we started. But don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere yet, I’ll be working with ReFLEX on leasing and used sales. So I’ll still be doing the work is known for – for customers in Orkney and across the UK - but with a great new team of people behind me.

“I am known for my love and work with electric vehicles, but anyone know follows me on social media will know, we have solar panels on our house and are passionate about the urgent need for us to decarbonise. So we are really excited about the potential of the ReFLEX Orkney project and working together.”

Gareth Davies, Managing Director of Aquatera said:

“Jonathan is well respected, not just in Orkney, but across the UK for his extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for electric vehicles. He has been instrumental in Orkney having one of the highest rates of EV ownership in the UK and in the development of the transport aspect of the ReFLEX project. He has also helped thousands of people across the UK get into EVs for the first time, so it’s a great benefit for the project to have come under the ReFLEX umbrella and we are incredibly lucky to have him leading delivery of our EV leasing and sales work.”

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Media contact: Anna Marriott

This news follows the recent announcement of a major restructuring of Orkney based environmental and sustainable energy company Aquatera, to create a new Aquatera Group structure covering the 15 businesses that it operates and participates in. is now part of Aquatera Group. Read more about the restructure here.