Article by Dr Gareth Davies, Managing Director of Aquatera, Published in energyengineering Magazine

October 20th 2008

An article written by Aquatera Ltd’s Managing Director, Dr Gareth Davies, has been published in issue nineteen of the renewable energy publication,energyengineering magazine (

The article, entitled Risk and rewards, focuses on how opportunities and risks can be managed to make marine renewables work in remote and harsh environments.

It describes how state-of-the-art understanding of science and technology, combined with experience of local operating conditions, can be used to effectively deploy marine renewables technologies and maximise their energy generating potential.

It is also stressed that the need for good decision making is paramount in the marine renewables sector and that the margins for error are often small. This means that decisions need to be made on site and in real-time, and that responses to events need to be instantaneous and effective.

Successful companies will be those that embrace and empower local knowledge and capacity to ensure that all risks are avoided and that all opportunities are grasped.

Aquatera has applied this ethos to successfully complete over 30 marine renewables projects to date. The company is starting to roll out this approach internationally, with work being conducted in Taiwan and South Korea, and links established in Norway, Portugal, British Columbia, Bay of Fundy, South Africa and Chile.

A pdf copy of the full article can be downloaded here, courtesy of energyengineering (2.55 MB).