Aquatera: Celebrating A Decade of Delivery 2000-2010

November 29th 2010

This year Aquatera, one of Scotland's leading environmental and renewables companies, is celebrating its 10th year of providing ground-breaking environmental services and products.

For Aquatera, the environment means more than flora and fauna. It includes people, communities, businesses, culture and heritage. We look at how these different parts of the whole environment could be affected by, or could influence, the full lifecycle of renewables projects, wider energy developments and other industrial ventures. Aquatera provide this service to individuals, businesses, multinational companies, government agencies, as well as local and national governments. We undertake this work locally in Orkney, across the UK and increasingly overseas.

"Our philosophy over the past 10 years has been to take a multi-dimensional approach to projects. So, alongside considering the impacts developments may have on the environment, we’ve also looked at how the environment can affect a range of operations and activities," said Aquatera managing director Gareth Davies.

He continued "This holistic approach puts us in good stead in providing operational support and advice to renewable energy developers working on aquatic and terrestrial projects, both locally and elsewhere around the world."

Stromness-based Aquatera has a growing team of 15 staff and numerous associates, who together have developed local and worldwide expertise in innovative and challenging projects for a wide range of environmental and energy needs.

Over the past decade, Aquatera have:

  • Completed over 350 projects locally, nationally and internationally
  • Helped 100 developments achieve good environmental performance
  • Volunteered over 3,000 hours to creating sustainable communities
  • Visited and worked in 20 countries around the globe
  • Supported 25 marine renewable technologies and projects
  • Won 7 awards and commendations for professional achievement
  • Devised optimised plans for 20,000 MW of renewables capacity
  • Found sites for 1,000 MW of tidal, wave and wind devices
  • Contributed to future CO2 reductions of 40 million tonnes/year
  • Undertaken 50 wildlife surveys on land, at sea and in fresh water

All of the above activities, and more, were aimed at ensuring that the world’s resources are used sustainably. 

Summing up, Dr Davies commented "At Aquatera, we care passionately about what we do. We would like to thank all who have helped us to champion the sustainable use of global resources, and we look forward to working alongside them for decades to come."