An Ocean of Opportunities for Aquatera

May 17th 2010

Following a busy year around the Pacific, Orkney consultancy Aquatera is strengthening its links in 2010 with countries surrounding the world’s largest ocean.

The company is already guiding the development of marine energy projects in the USA, Taiwan and Chile and is hoping to expand its geographic spread during the year to encompass South Korea, China, Japan, Canada and Ecuador.

In Taiwan, Aquatera is working with the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) to advise the Government on options for harnessing wave energy from Taiwanese waters.

“It’s hoped that prototype technology could be deployed in Taiwan later this year,” said Ian Hutchison, who is managing the project

“Our relationship with ITRI has strengthened and could serve as a bridgehead to other business opportunities in the region, as well as in Taiwan itself.”

In Chile, a relationship established during a mission led by Scottish Development International (SDI) has led to Aquatera being asked to carry out a feasibility study on the potential for wave energy to support a major industrial site.

Aquatera managing director Gareth Davies is due to visit Chile in July to evaluate detailed plans and discuss development options with various agencies. The company is also advising the Oregon Wave Energy Trust on the best way to manage marine renewables development along the coast of a state with superb ocean resources.

Ian Hutchison, who has also been deeply involved in this project, said: “This work looks set to continue and expand through 2010 and beyond. We’ve created a cumulative effects analysis framework, which will be rolled out to stakeholders, regulators and developers.”

The aim is to inform the strategic decision making process on issues such as the types of technology to be deployed, the optimum sites and the scale of development that would best suit an area with a rich natural environment.

Aquatera has recently returned from a conference in Seattle, where there was a considerable buzz around the cumulative effects work the company has been carrying out in Oregon.

“It’s exciting to see a state like Oregon, with such fantastic wave resources, take such an informed approach,” said Dr Davies. “There are lessons to be learned from Oregon that could be of great relevance in Scotland and which could help our own strategic planning processes.”