Natalia Rojas

Natalia Rojas, QTS, BSc, MSc

Senior Consultant

Natalia has 6 years of experience in a variety of marine energy projects, from assessing niche markets for marine renewables in South America to increasing the capacity of hydro plants installing aquatic technologies. With a degree in Civil Engineering and an MSc in Marine Renewables, Natalia is fully committed to supporting and developing marine renewables in South America and Spain.

Natalia has led and participated in a number of strategic projects focused on decreasing the cost of wave and tidal technologies as well as marine energy farms.

Natalia brings knowledge and expertise in engineering to the Aquatera Team. Prior to joining Aquatera in 2013, Natalia developed various projects relating to high roads drainage, river channellings and hydrology and hydraulic modelling for an engineering and architecture group in Spain. She has also worked as a site manager and has been in charge of various coastal constructions, leading teams of more than 30 people.

Since shifting her focus to marine renewables, she has had the opportunity to work for The Scottish Government installing radars for the measurements of waves in the North Sea. Natalia is keen to expand her experience and knowledge to support the marine renewable energy sector around the world.

Natalia is based in the Canary Islands and is part of the Aquatera Atlántico team.