Joy Gowland

Joy Gowland, BSc (Hons) Environmental Science

Senior Consultant

Joy’s background is as an experienced environmental consultant and project manager predominantly working in renewable energy, having worked on multiple small and medium scale projects from 100kW hydro schemes and private micro-renewables to corporate multi MW wind farms and Solar parks. Joy is equipped to successfully manage environmental and renewable energy projects from initiation through to post consent discharge of conditions. Joy also has an understanding of contaminated land, undertaking phase 1 assessments and phase 2 intrusive works, remediation strategy and on-site remediation supervision.

Joy has a proven track record of effectively managing and contributing to all stages of renewable energy generation and environmental development including initial site selections, feasibility studies, site design and evolution, EIA screening and scoping, preparation and submission of Environmental Statements and planning documentation, pre-application consultation and community liaison, post-submission client support, on-site supervision of construction/remediation works and assisting ECoWs on site for monitoring purposes. Joys skills are highly versatile and transferable across multiple sectors.