Isa Walker Valdivieso

Isa Walker Valdivieso, BSc Chemical Engineering

Consultant, Renewable Energy Development (Associate)

Isa is a Chemical Engineer (2012) with +12 year experience in the ORE sector and over 10 years performing as an International Consultant Associate for Aquatera Ltd. Based in Latin America, she has a global background in the blue energy and coastal development field with special emphasis in Latina America and Caribe (LAC) & the UK. Her technical skills are oriented to technology, social innovation, and environmental welfare, offering experience in Nature Based Solutions (NbS) for climate change mitigation and adaptation in coastal areas; Green hydrogen infrastructure and feasibility studies in marine transport applications (HIMET 2020, ZEPHyR 2023); E-fuels market assessment for government (Scotland, 2022); ORE market assessment and its environmental research state of art across the full LAC coastal regions (2022); Baseline and road-mapping capacity enhancement of ORE for two Latin American governments (2014, 2017); speaker and trainer for capacity building in the blue energy sector in LAC and Europe. 

Her technical skills are complemented by a vast history of community-based work in sustainable development issues, highlighting +4 year experience in urban infrastructure plans for recycling, reuse and reduction of waste with a GESI approach; +3 years expertise in community based management schemes for a pressured urban park; production of massive events, educational campaigns, training and school education in waste reduction strategies and energy efficiency; and other skills ranging from mobile App creation, the design of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation strategy for a prestigious university in Latin America and an evolving know-how in the performing arts field. 

She has been Expert Jury in the National Innovation Award of the Ministry of Economy of Chile in “New Cities” category for +7 years; and a Member of the UKPACT Roster of Experts for the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy of the UK government since 2020.