Ian Johnstone

Ian Johnstone, SVQ Level 4 Management, MSc


Ian has 10 years' experience in a variety of renewable energy projects, from supplying waste wood for a district heating scheme, to studying for an MSc in Renewable Energy Development. He has also been a local politician for 9 years; as chair of the Development and Regeneration Committee. Ian was fully committed as the lead politician in supporting and developing marine energy in Orkney.

He has been very closely involved in the process of getting grid capacity to Orkney and other Scottish islands, chairing the Orkney Grid Group and taking the Islands case to three consecutive Energy Ministers. He has been heavily involved in OFGEMs Transmit process looking at transmission charging and grid securities.

His role as senior councillor within the OIC involved him developing an Orkney presence within the renewable sector and ensuring that politically, renewables were high on the priorities of both the local government and the Scottish and UK parliaments.

Ian is well versed in public engagement and has been involved in a large range of projects out with council duties, from the Machinery Ring and Orkney Marinas Management, to district heating schemes and the Aquatera led Renewable Realities Conferences.