Captain David Thomson

Captain David Thomson, MNI

Marine Superintendent (Associate)

David has been at the forefront in the development of safe and cost effective methods for the management and installation of tidal and wave devices, and helping others to develop their safety management systems in accordance with the ISM Code, the Port Marine Safety Code and OHSAS.

He is a Master Mariner and a qualified Marine Surveyor and internal Auditor. During his career he has had the ultimate responsibility as Ship Master for up to 100 personnel on board sophisticated diving support and construction vessels. As Head of Operations for Orkney Harbour Authority and Marine Services he was Designated Person Ashore (DPA) ashore for a fleet of passenger ferries and tugs and responsible for the health and safety of over 200 mariners, and port operatives. He has also project managed and worked on a variety of maritime operations including specialised towage and salvage operations, subsea deployments  and inter tidal and port infrastructure development. He has headed up a variety of challenging and successful ship management turnkey projects.

David is applying his considerable expertise in risk management to providing third party advisory, verification and warranty services to the marine renewable and shipping industry. As a maritime professional with an extensive and varied background he has been working alongside the emerging marine renewable industry providing marine operations safety advice and support, and therefore has an excellent overview of the challenges and potential solutions that face tidal and wave energy developers, and the supply chain that supports them.