Alice Belieres

Alice Belieres, MSc, MSc Eng (Dipl. Ing.)


Alice joined Aquatera in September 2019 and currently provides support for a number of projects including consulting support on offshore and marine renewable energy (eg floating solar) projects, EIAs and sector reviews for the marine industries.

Alice’s Biotechnology background comes from her engineering master’s degree in Biotechnology in Paris, France. It has enabled her to bring on board high-level quantitative skills specific to Biochemistry and Analytical Chemistry related to laboratory work. Increased competencies were also gained from her internship on the water quality assessment of Gloriosos Islands, near Madagascar. Following the completion of her MSc in Marine Resource Management at Heriot-Watt University’s International Centre for Island Technology (ICIT), Orkney, Alice extended her knowledge on Macrobiofouling communities of Orkney as part of her dissertation.  Throughout her studies, Alice developed additional skills in data interpretation and experiment designs. At Aquatera, Alice acquires pre-feasibility support skills and experience including which she demonstrates within the renewable energy sector.