Wave energy is Chile's largest renewable resource, with activity high enough for power production on all pacific-facing coasts.

It could be argued that Chile is the best place in the world for wave energy, with over 4,000km of coast exposed to constant high energy swells, and with all of the country´s energy demand located at or relatively near this coast.  Chile´s tidal energy resources are also significant but are perhaps one hundredth the size of the total wave resource.

Aquatera became actively interested in the marine energy potential of Chile back in 2008, and since that time has made numerous visits to the country and hosted a number of delegations from Chile in Orkney. More recently, Aquatera has worked alongside the Ministry for Energy in Chile to deliver a road map for the development of the marine renewable sector and has since established a local team in Chile, providing a permanent base in order to further develop the country’s marine renewables industry.

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