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Leading Orkney based marine energy consultancy Aquatera has won a major contract from Chinese wave technology developer FINIMA, it was announced this week.

Aquatera will provide programme management and technical support for FINIM's upcoming technology development activities in the UK.

FINIMA's decision comes ahead of Thursday's Green Energy Awards, where globally active Aquatera is in the running for the Exporter of the Year accolade.

Headquartered in Stromness, Aquatera has been at the forefront of the marine energy sector in Scotland, and further afield, for the past 15 years.

"The internationalisation of Aquatera's business activity is no accident," said company founder and managing director, Gareth Davies. "Realising from an early stage the challenges that lay ahead in Orkney with regards to grid connections, grid charges and access to development sites, Aquatera has always tried to learn as much as possible from local activity and be ready to share that experience more widely to help other places follow in the pioneering footsteps made here in Orkney."

Aquatera's long running global market strategy has gathered pace over recent months as the local and national market has been hit by a series of grid connection delays, energy policy changes and technology company collapses. With international work now accounting for over 60 per cent of Aquatera's turnover, this strategy is proving extremely successful for the firm.

Over the last 18 months or so Aquatera has undertaken project work in, or connected with, 13 countries around the world and has established strong links within another 10 countries. Much of this work involves collaboration with local development partners who provide their own knowledge and experience to support the sector-leading expertise established within Aquatera and its home based team of supporting associates and partners. The growing volume of work has led Aquatera to establish new satellite offices in Chile and France, with further businesses now being established in the Philippines and Indonesia.

"Coming from a small community business background, and as an SME, collaboration is very important to us," explained Davies. "That collaboration means working with people from home in Orkney and Scotland, but also reaching out to collaborators in the new markets where our services, expertise and experience are needed. We are living the mantra of thinking locally whilst acting globally!"

With this week's global climate summit providing a topical backdrop, Davies says the success of Aquatera's internationalisation strategy has an importance way beyond that of simple business success.

"Aquatera was created for a purpose beyond pure business. Success in our business means that we are contributing to making a difference, to helping the world to change. Being at the leading edge of creating sustainable communities in Orkney has given us the opportunity and responsibility of taking the successes and failures that we have experienced and helping other places follow and maybe go further and faster than Orkney has been able to. We can also bring back new ideas from other places that can help us back at base. As our operational bases grow we will end up with a network of connected communities that can all help each other".

He added: "This may seem like an incredibly ambitious plan, but it is a plan that seems to be working. Aquatera has truly become a global export company and furthermore it is creating spin-out opportunities for its associates and partners to follow suit. We feel Aquatera provides an excellent example of what small independent companies can achieve in today's global sustainable energy and environmental markets."

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